US, Australia to sign emergency fuel deal | The Islander

US, Australia to sign emergency fuel deal | The Islander

The federal government will sign a new agreement with the US to boost Australia’s emergency fuel stockpiles.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will sign a deal in Washington to secure access to America’s petrol and crude oil supply.

Australia has an international obligation to have 90 days worth of supply, but in August only had enough petrol and crude oil to last 28 days.

Mr Taylor will also meet with oil industry heads in Texas before visiting a renewable energy technology centre in Colorado.

Car and truck drivers criticised the flagged deal with the US in August, saying any emergency supplies needed to be in Australia.

“It would not provide security for the Australian economy if there is a disruption to international supply chains,” Australian Trucking Association chair Geoff Crouch said last year.

At the time, Mr Taylor said emergency supplied would take up to 40 days to reach Australia from the US.

Mr Taylor also said on Sunday the government would be releasing a consultation paper for investment in renewable technologies in coming weeks.

Australian Associated Press

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