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She might be the Australian film star who made it big in Hollywood but if you’re looking for Teresa Palmer on a plane, you’ll find her in cattle class.

Despite her A-list status, the Warm Bodies actor, 32, took a long-haul flight to Australia with her husband and two kids in economy class, documenting their low-key trip on Instagram.

Palmer posted a selfie along with husband Mark Webber and their sleeping children, Bodhi Rain, four, and Forest Sage, two, getting cosy in an economy seat row.

“One of us is excited for this flight… one of us is not!” she wrote.

She also shared a photo of herself taken on the floor of the airport terminal.

“Giggling our way through late night travel with two small kids, a bumpy and an exorbitant amount of economy friendly travel pillows,” she wrote, adding the hashtag: “#Australiaherewecome”.

Los Angeles-based Palmer, who is expecting the birth of her first daughter, previously revealed she would be in her home city of Adelaide for the arrival.

“The good news is she will be an Aussie baby,” she told TV Week.

“We’ll come back for a while and she’ll be born in Adelaide.”

Palmer married Webber, an actor and director, in 2012. Palmer is also a stepmother to Webber’s nine-year-old son from his previous relationship with writer and actor Frankie Shaw.

And their children aren’t the only celebrity offspring who have grown accustomed to the modest surroundings of the economy class cabin.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, 51, caused a stir last year when he said he refused to pay for his four children to join him in business class on flights.

“They get entertainment on their iPads,” Ramsay, who is worth about $61 million, said at the time.

“I don’t want them sat there with a 10-course f**king menu with Champagne.

“It is my wife and [my] choice to keep them real.”

In June, another British TV personality made headlines when she admitted she did the same.

Kirstie Allsopp, who stars in the UK reality series Location, Location, Location, said she and her partner flew in business class while their two children, aged 12 and 10, sat in cattle class.

“If I’m going to spend money, it’s on the holiday itself rather than the flights,” said Allsopp, who is estimated to earn more than $870,000 a year.

“When we fly as a family, the boys do fly separately from Ben and me if we’re not in economy together.

“Obviously this wasn’t the case when they were little but now they are big enough to sit separately, they do.

“It seems like an absurd waste of money and very spoiling.”

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