Sydney University takes advantage of unease over Trump, Brexit – The Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney University is targeting India as it tries to diversify its international student market and take advantage of the subcontinent’s unease about Donald Trump’s America and Brexit.

With Australia on the verge of overtaking Britain as the second-most popular destination for international students after the US, the university is positioning itself as a politically stable option.

Sydney University Vice Chancellor Michael Spence said overseas students were worried about uncertainty in the US and Britain, as well as “cultural backlash of a kind that hasn’t been as strong here in Australia”.

“It no longer being immediately obvious that you might want to go to the United States or the United Kingdom, Indian students are looking a bit more imaginatively at other English language speaking jurisdictions,” Dr Spence said.

Group of Eight universities, such as Sydney, have traditionally attracted Chinese students, who prefer highly ranked universities and living in cities. The Indian market is more price sensitive; its students tend to choose cheaper, regional universities.

Fewer than 3 per cent of Sydney University’s 27,600 international students come from India, while 65 per cent come from China.¬†Sydney University is aiming to double its Indian cohort in the next three years.

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