Sula Vineyards adds Australia to its export portfolio

Sula Vineyards adds Australia to its export portfolio

Australia’s wine lovers can now taste a glass of red wine from Maharashtra’s Dindori estate made by Indian winemaker Sula Vineyards. The Nashik-based winery, which holds 60% of the market share in India, has added Australia to its export portfolio in partnership with Adelaide-based liquor wholesaler Kismet Trading. Sula will retail its popular wines at outlets in Adelaide followed by Melbourne and Sydney.

Rajeev Samant, founder of Sula Vineyards, said, “Australia is one of the highest wine consuming countries in the world. Their consumer now has the choice of experiencing our wines.”

Kismet Trading is a new liquor wholesaling firm in South Australia which specialises in sourcing, marketing and distributing beverage options. As part of this collaboration, the distribution firm will target about 800 venues in the Australian market to list Sula in the menus as an international wine.

Simon Lambert, founder of Kismet Trading, said, “The company is excited to partner with India’s oldest and largest winery Sula Vineyards.”

Sula already retails in 30 countries globally such as USA, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Japan. China was added to its export list a year ago.

In February, Sula had introduced India’s first canned wine in the domestic alcobev market. Until then, wines in India were sold in glass bottles. Earlier in the same month, the winemaker also became the first national wine brand to be listed with Tasmac or The Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation.

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