State’s economy under the microscope

State's economy under the microscope

Yesterday afternoon, the Premier outlined the government’s agenda for 2020.

He spoke about diversifying the “state’s economy and trading partners”.

“We know that a diversified economy is a resilient economy and ultimately a stronger Western Australia,” he said.

The Premier gave a rundown of the Metronet public transport projects ramping up in 2020. These include “the Bayswater station upgrade and the start of the Morley–Ellenbrook line; the Denny Avenue level crossing removal; and the new Mandurah multistorey car park project”.

Mr McGowan outlined the government’s legislative agenda, which contains nothing as interesting or as momentous as 2019’s Voluntary Euthanasia Act.

In the Lower House, the Premier said: “Our first priority will be the Work Health and Safety Bill 2019, a vital piece of legislation that will modernise this state’s workplace health and safety regime, and introduce the offence of industrial manslaughter”.

The government would then tackle payroll tax thresholds and a number of law and order bills, including one introducing the new crimes of strangulation and persistent violence.

Then there’s the amendments to the Dog Act.

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