Startups join bushfire-relief effort with focus on climate

Startups join bushfire-relief effort with focus on climate

With the nation bracing for more deadly bushfires, two of Australia’s highest-valued technology companies have offered support for affected staff while pledging to keep innovative responses to climate change front of mind.

Multi-billion dollar design startup Canva said it would maintain its focus on the climate in 2020, as businesses across the startup space pledge additional paid leave and long-term support for staff members.

Canva co-founders Cameron Adams (left), Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht.
Credit:Peter Rae

“We’re looking longer term as well — what’s the cause of these bushfires? We’re very adamant about the climate [and climate change] here at Canva,” co-founder Cameron Adams said.

The business will undertake a variety of projects in the coming year, including donating a week’s worth of image revenue, worth at least $500,000, to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and the Red Cross.

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