Scott Morrison announces travel ban on South Korea as cases surge around globe

Scott Morrison announces travel ban on South Korea as cases surge around globe

Singapore has 33 active cases, with seven of those people considered to be in a critical condition and 26 more in hospital. Another 78 patients have been discharged.

Visitors who have travelled to Iran, northern Italy and South Korea in the last 14 days will now not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore and travellers to Singapore who display fever or other symptoms will be required to undergo swab tests at checkpoints.

In Thailand, 43 people have been infected and 30 people have recovered. The government is preparing a stimulus package to support the local economy.

People been arrested for spreading fake news online about the virus and in separate cases, arrests have been made of people selling masks at inflated prices, and which have been used. Noodles, rice, tinned fish and drinking water are flying off the shelves in supermarkets.

Malaysia has reported 50 positive cases, including 14 new cases on Wednesday and seven on Tuesday. These new cases came after several days in which no new cases were reported.

There have been 1933 negative tests so far and the results for 138 tests are still pending.

The Philippines has three confirmed positive cases of the virus, while 579 people have tested negative and 32 tests results are pending.

Myanmar‘s Health Ministry reports it has zero confirmed cases, with two people “suspected” of having the disease and the lab test results of seven people pending and 49 people having tested negative.

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