PM eyes self sufficiency in economic fightback

PM eyes self sufficiency in economic fightback

Scott Morrison has his eye on making the Australian economy self-sufficient on the other side of the coronavirus crisis, UTS Professor Warren Hogan says.

The Prime Minister last week delivered a key speech to the parliament, in which he stressed the need to protect Australia’s economic sovereignty.

Professor Hogan told Sky News he thinks the government could look to “rebuild” some of the manufacturing sector post-crisis.

“I think the Prime Minister is referring to effectively self-sufficiency,” he said.

“I think this key concept is around making sure Australias, whether the borders are closed or not, whether international supply chains are disrupted, we can make sure we can get key things Australians need.

“The main story is as we come out of this, how do we ensure the new economy is an economy that can make sure it looks after Australia’s needs and I think that means rebuilding a big part of our manufacturing base.”

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