Only way to stimulate the economy is ‘through a Newstart increase’

Only way to stimulate the economy is 'through a Newstart increase'

Senior Advisor at the Australian Council of Social Service, Charmaine Crowe says the Australian government “needs to look at boosting household expenditure, and the best way to do that would be to increase Newstart”.

Mr Crowe told Sky News “the supply side of things is important… but at the end of the day, businesses won’t invest if the consumers side of things is lacking”.

“A wealth of economists are calling on the government to stimulate the economy through a Newstart increase because we know that people who have the least are much more likely to spend,” she said.

“A Newstart increase would be much better than a tax cut for instance.

“It would deliver literally millions of dollars into small communities, and to local economies that need it the most.”

Image: News Corp Australia

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