Marketplace and information platform launched for Australia’s space sector – Defence Connect

Space Connect is the first dedicated market intelligence, media and information platform for Australia’s burgeoning space industry. 

The platform’s aim is to help drive the growth of the domestic industry as well as project Australia’s space capabilities globally. 

Space Connect will be the central hub for information, insights and interpretation on the key factors shaping the development of Australia’s space industry, according to Phillip Tarrant, director of defence and space at Momentum Media. 

“This is the first platform to connect space professionals with jobs, support space careers, reveal business opportunities, drive the space start-up sector and highlight opportunities for funding,” he said. 

“The platform will serve as the authoritative marketplace to connect ideas, research and innovation with opportunities for space commercialisation.”

The global space economy is currently estimated to be valued at $350 billion and could grow to $1 trillion by the 2040s – and Australia is ideally positioned to capitalise on this emerging market, according to Tarrant.

Our domestic space sector is currently valued at between $3-4 billion annually, with projections for Australia’s space industry to triple by 2030 to a value of between $10-12 billion, he said. 

The industry will also support over 20,000 jobs by 2030, representing a significant part of the national economy and a hotbed of innovation that will propel Australia’s space talent and export potential. 

“Space Connect will support the growth and development of Australia’s space industry through interconnected channels including an information and ideas exchange plus a funding and grant opportunities engine,” Tarrant said. 

“This will be backed by market intelligence, news, information and analysis, channelled through an interactive digital hub that includes podcast and broadcast channels supported by daily updates.”

Drawing on the success of Momentum Media and Defence Connect – which was awarded the prestigious national awards of Business Website of the Year and Re-launch of the Year in September this year – Space Connect will seek to engage all aspects of the space economy and quickly cement its position as a pillar for the emerging domestic space industry.

“We’ll work with all stakeholders in the space sector to underpin the growth of Space Connect and look to represent the views, opinions and attitudes of the wider space economy,” Tarrant said. 

Key sectors will include the Australian Space Agency and other government bodies, including the CSIRO and Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as well as the satcom and mobile communication, telco and information sector. 

State and federal ministries, the space manufacturing and space operations sector, defence and defence industry, SMEs, direct-to-home TV plus academic institutions and think tanks will also be represented. 

“We’re excited to announce this launch for Australia’s space sector and value our role in supporting the growth of the space economy at this formative period of our history,” Tarrant said. 

“We encourage the space industry and its participants to get involved, connect with us, share your story and use our tools to support business growth and development.”

To stay updated with all the latest market intelligence and analysis from the local space industry, you can subscribe to Space Connect here.


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