Greens ‘sacrifice Australia’s economy’ to make a ‘political point’

Greens ‘sacrifice Australia's economy’ to make a ‘political point’

Senator Jim Molan says the “inner city greens can quite happily stop mining” and it won’t affect their income, as an NSW parliamentary inquiry headed by the Greens attempts to “double count” emissions to try and curb the mining industry.

The parliamentary inquiry into the Berejiklian government’s new planning laws dealing with coal exports aims to stifle the government from preventing emissions from exports to be considered as NSW emissions.

Mr Molan told Sky News host Paul Murray the Greens have “a tendency to double count” emissions, as they “won’t count emissions if there’s a monstrous fire throughout Australia” but will “if there’s back burning”.

Fellow panelist David Crisafulli said the “fools” in the NSW Greens are “sacrificing our economy at the alter of making some sort of political point”.

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