Fastrac takes $63,000 top at Calingiri | Farm Weekly

Fastrac takes $63,000 top at Calingiri | Farm Weekly

THERE was no rain in sight, the temperature hit 42 degrees Celsius midway through the afternoon and it was evident the tight economy was biting.

That was the scenario that faced Landmark auctioneer Grant Lupton at last week’s clearing sale for Peter and Catherine Brennan at Calingiri.

At the end of the sale, the Brennans and Mr Lupton were more than happy with the result, which grossed more than $360,000, with spirited bidding among the 144 buyer registrations.

The result could be a little sweeter this week with negotiations still underway for several items, including a John Deere 9870 header, which was passed-in at $100,000.

Colin (left) and Trevor Glass, Calingiri, with Trevor’s daughter Ruby resting on a Croplands Pegasus 5000 model which was passed-in after a sole bid of $5000. It sold after the sale for $12,500 which was a figure more in line with vendor expectations.

The Brennans may find growing interest in Western Australian gear from drought-relieved Eastern States farmers, who could put a decent floor in used machinery prices in WA, lifting the value of their header.

It was presented with a 13.6 metre Midwest draper and a chopper and had only recorded 2000 rotor hours.

The sale’s top price of $63,000 was recorded for a JCB Fastrac 3230-65 tractor (4553 hours) which was GreenStar-ready and came with a John Deere steering kit.

Bidding opened at $55,000 and quickly rose in $1000 bids as two farmers settled in to outbid each other before one bidder walked away at the call of $63,000.

It was sold to Harmony Farms, Dumbleyung.

Anthony Haddrill, Northam, next to a John Deere 9320 4WD tractor which later sold for $60,000. Even with 8070 hours on the clock, it represented good value, boasting a John Deere 12.5 litre six cylinder engine delivering 280 kiloWatts (375 horsepower).

Not far behind was a winning bid of $60,000 for a John Deere 9320 4WD tractor (8070 hours), which had five remotes and also was GreenStar-ready with a John Deere steering kit.

Ready for seeding was a Simplicity 13000 tow-behind quad air seeder with small seeds box linked to a Morris 9000 bar.

The unit was sold for $44,000 which should improve the gross margins on the cropping program.

With an eye on cleaning grain, bidding on a DE Engineers four-barrel grain cleaner with four sets of screens for wheat, barley, canola and lupins, saw the final bid stop at $35,000.

Other harvest gear included a 14 tonne Holtfreters chaser bin selling for $6600 and a 21.2m Farm King trapeze auger and 42 tonne Brereton hydraulic lift field bin, each attracting winnings bids of $6000.

A self-propelled Brandt 847 14.2m auger sold for $2400.

Goodlands farmer Rob Hester looks over a seeding rig which was offered as a whole Morris 9000 bar and Simplicity 13000 air seeder. It sold for $44,000.

An old workhorse, a John Deere 4640 tractor (8633hrs) with a Trima front-end loader, attracted spirited bidding before being knocked down for $17,000.

It had a bottom-end rebuild and sported a new radiator, oil cooler and condenser.

Another $17,000 bid was enough to secure a LKF-60 seed and super bin with extended augers, but $19,000 was not enough to wrest a Bredal K65 eight tonne spreader.

It was passed-in with negotiations continuing with interested buyers.

A 1980 Howard Porter 12m step deck tri-axle with matching double deck cattle crate also was passed-in at $12,000.

It was a bitter-sweet day for the Brennan clan as they finalised their clearing sale last week to move on to “new pastures”. From left, Sean Brennan, his father Peter and mother Catherine and sister Alycia; sister and brother Clare and Josh with their mother Karen Brennan and Mark and Rosie King, who is Peter’s sister. The John Deere 9870 header was passed-in with no bids but they were still negotiating with interested parties as Farm Weekly went to press.

Two farmers provided the bidding action in front of 12m Steiger offset discs nodding from $5000 to $9000.

The nods then stopped before Mr Lupton coaxed a final nod to knock it down at $9500.

Several precision guidance lots were snapped up, including a John Deere GreenStar 2630 display ($8500), a John Deere 3000 receiver with SF1 and SF2 activations ($2700) and a Topcon 100 series guidance system ($1400).

Smaller gear that sold well included a Berends hydraulic 3PL grader with a 3m cut ($4800); a 7000L Flexi-N tank ($3400); a Pederick eight wheel sidewinder pin-wheel rake ($2000); a Vermeer 604 series K Silage baler ($1600); a 1000L shuttle of Roundup Ultra Max ($1600); a Pizey Rockmaster 3PL posthole digger ($1400); two 100L Treflan and two 100L Avadex drums on one pallet ($1400) and nine rolls of Ringlock ($1350).

Helping out with the drinks and raising funds for the local Calingiri P&C were locals, from left, Ruth Young, Naomi Auhl and Kara Glass.

Former farmer Philip Surtees checks out this David Brown 1212 tractor which later sold for $1000 to a Yerecoin collector. Mr Surtees is the father of vendor Catherine Brennan.

Farmers check the selection of precision guidance gear. The John Deere Starfire 3000 (SF2 and SF1) receiver next to the Topcon box sold for $2700, while a similar one (SF1 only), on the other side of the box, sold for $1800. The brand new Topcon 100 series guidance system made $1400, while the Singer sewing machine in the foreground was knocked down for $20.

Waiting for the crowd to arrive for the sale of sundry lots were Stan Ennis (left), Bullsbrook and Eric Taylor, Bullsbrook. They were pictured next to a DE Engineers 2010 grain cleaner which sold for $35,000.

Up from Perth to attend the sale were Carmel Brennan, mother of Peter and her sister Margaret Hunt.

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