Economic system is unfair for most in Australia – Sunshine Coast Daily

OXFAM Australia clearly defines our biggest social problem, one of economic inequity: ‘Wealthy rake it in as poor struggle’ (Daily, January 22).

Australia now has ’43 billionaires worth $160 billion’, so a mere one per cent have more wealth than the bottom 70 per cent.

Indubitably, our economic system is grossly unfair for the majority of Australians and particularly for women and indigenous peoples.

Yet we have a conservative Federal Government roaming the country and spinning off economic platitudes that attribute poverty to the jobless poor while the wealthy use whatever tax breaks they can manipulate to their own purposes.

Back here in la la land on the Coast we get a weekly or daily serve of equity denial from Keith Whiteside who attributes wholesale poverty of the well-to-do if Bill Shorten wins the next election.

Whiteside suffers an equity phobic attitude “you can’t trust him” (Daily, January 22) as a sycophant of the wealthy and privileged because the only way he can feel to be above the hoi polloi is to constantly denigrate the political programs that are more democratic and distribute social wealth more fairly.

The failure of conservative politics is not only a difficulty of building walls to exclude the needy, and sever ties with its neighbours such as Brexit, but also it condemns the politics of equity over the institutionalised greed of the rich.



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