Economic crime suspect repatriated from Australia

Economic crime suspect repatriated from Australia


A suspected Chinese economic criminal was repatriated from Australia, with assistance from the Chinese embassy in Canberra and the consulate general in Sydney. It was the first such case from the country.

The contract fraud suspect, surnamed Liu, had been on the run for 18 years.

His company allegedly signed a contract with another company on July 19, 2001, agreeing to transfer money for that company.

However, after receiving the letter of credit for the payment, Liu allegedly cashed it at a bank in Sydney rather than arranging the transfer, causing the other company to lose 3.6 million yuan ($522,000). Liu then fled to Australia.

After Liu fled, Chinese police maintained close communication with Australian law enforcement agencies, provided evidence in a timely manner, and urged the Australian law enforcement authorities to investigate Liu.

The Ministry of Public Security said foreign countries were not sanctuaries for evading crimes, and the repatriation of Liu demonstrated the public security organs’ confidence and determination in pursuing criminals.

It urged fugitives abroad to return to China to surrender themselves to the authorities as soon as possible.

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