Coronavirus Australia: Aussie Broadband offers unlimited daytime data

Aussie Broadband has joined Telstra and Optus, by making major concessions for the hundreds of thousands of Australians expected to retreat into their homes in coming weeks.

The company’s managing director, Phil Britt, announced on Tuesday that all customers would from Wednesday get unmetered data usage between the hours of 6am and 6pm, if they were on limited data NBN or ADSL plans.

Britt said the company would also put a temporary halt to the practice of suspending service to customers who did not pay their bills on time.

In the video below, Seven’s Gemma Acton gives an update on coronavirus and the economy

Gemma Acton has the latest developments.

“I understand that many people are concerned about how the next few weeks will play out,” he said.

“We’re keeping an eagle eye on network usage and we will upgrade as necessary if we see peaks beyond our normal high range.”

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Optus and Telstra announced on Monday plans to provide extra data for customers as part of their coronavirus response efforts.

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